Dangerous Toxins and Your Child

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Dr. Green Mom Toxic Children's ItemsIt is my opinion that the rise in chronic disease in America is due, in part, to the environment that surrounds us.  And I believe Autism, PDD-NOS, ADD, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, obesity, diabetes, among many other childhood conditions are byproducts of our toxic environment.  Not only is the food we eat toxic, but also the water we drink, the clothes we wear, the furniture we sit on, the toys we play with, and the chemicals we clean with.  I’m gonna go ahead and say that it’s practically impossible to keep your child away from toxins, however we can try and limit their exposure the best we can!

Dangerous Toxins and My Child: What’s Toxic?

Here is a guide to help you understand the different toxins that your child comes into contact with daily:

Some of the most common toxins that your child may come into contact with:

  1. Phthalates (Children’s Clothing)
  2. Bisphenol A (BPA) (dolls, soft toys)
  3. Toxic Flame Retardants (TDCP and TCEP) (children’s pajamas, car seats)
  4. Formaldehyde (Children’s Tableware)
  5. Antimony Trioxide Flame Retardant (toy vehicles)
  6. Parabens (Personal Care Products- diaper wipes especially)

Also, below is an AMAZING searchable database from The Department of Ecology- State of Washington that you can use, and it tells you exactly what’s in your children’s products.  You can search by chemical, company, or product:

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The Science Behind These Toxins

For many of you (like me), it is important that you see the science linking environmental toxins and disease:

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  1. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  2. World Health Organization (WHO)
  3. The Department of Ecology- State of Washington
  4. Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families

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