Dr. Andrew Wakefield

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Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s Famous Study

I wanted to dedicate a page on Dr. Green Mom regarding the physician, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who has been made famous for his MMR-Measles study back in 1998.  I interned at The Thoughtful House in Austin, TX (Now the Johnson & Johnson Center) when Dr. Wakefield served as the Director.  To my knowledge, I am the only medical student to have had this 5 week opportunity.  It was November 2009, just a few months before the Lancet retracted his 1998 study, see here: Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s Retracted Lancet Study.  Dr. Wakefield’s study that was pulled never stated that the MMR caused autism, only that many autistic children have chronic bowel inflammation, and have the vaccine strain of the measles virus in their intestines.

Further, there is a study that predates Dr. Wakefield’s infamous study:

Summary of the above study: This group of doctors studied thirty-five hundred adult patients with inflammatory bowel disease and other chronic intestinal conditions who had received the measles vaccine as part of the 1964 vaccine safety trials. When compared to a control group of eleven thousand adults who didn’t get the measles vaccine, the vaccinated people were found to be three times more likely to develop inflammatory bowel disease. This study predates Dr. Wakefield’s work and is consistent with his concern about a link between the measles vaccine and inflammatory bowel disease.

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28 Studies the Support Dr. Wakefield’s Controversial Findings

(Thank you, Dr. Mercola)

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Dr. Andrew Wakefield, In His Own Words

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Both Sides of the Dr. Wakefield Debate

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 Dr Mercola Interviews Dr. Wakefield on His MMR Study

If the video does not load, click here:

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