Vitamin C Gummies (Kids & Adults)

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VITAMIN C GUMMIES (250 mg)  is a pectin based (vegan) Organic Zangy Orange Fruit Blend Gummy used for enhanced immune function and packs a total punch as an antioxidant, antiviral, and antibacterial.

  • Dose before, during, and after Vaccination to support Immune Function*
  • Supports the Immune System*
  • Powerful Antioxidant*
  • Alleviates Cold/Flu*
  • Immune Protection/Autoimmune Protection*

Non-GMO | No Gelatin | Pectin Based | Vegan | Dairy Free | Nut Free | Gluten & Wheat Free | Soy Free | Corn Free | Nightshade Free | Made with Organic Cane Sugar | Kid Friendly

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Wake up and taste the zangy organic orange flavor of Dr. Green Mom’s gummies, packed full of Vitamin C! This easy to take version made with organic fruits makes taking vitamins a breeze for your kiddos and you might even snag a few for yourself! Since our bodies are unable to synthesize this vitamin, it makes it essential to find it in other forms. Vitamin C is important for many functions such as the metabolism of proteins and supporting the body’s ability to create collagen. Vitamin C is also know for being a useful antioxidant in helping the immune system and does damage control when free radicals are involved. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Since all bodies are different, an individual’s nutrient needs are unique to their body. As such, results may vary. Children under 12, seniors over 65, pregnant and lactating women should always consult with a physician or healthcare professional prior to use.


Suggested Use:

Ages 2-3: 1 gummy 1-2 times daily, or as directed by healthcare provider.

Adults and Ages 4 and up: 2 gummies 1-2 times daily, or as directed by healthcare provider.




FREE FROM: milk/casein, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, gluten, soybeans, and yeast. Contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.


Dr. Green Mom® Vitamin C Gummies SFP


Dr. Green Mom’s® sole purpose is simple:

To provide ethically sourced, highest quality, and affordable products to families wanting to live a life the way nature intended. We strive to become Your family’s #1 source for healthcare products by never compromising on our ingredients and offering superior customer service.

Our probiotics, vitamins, and minerals are pharmaceutical grade, only sold to physicians, and manufactured in a FDA compliant, GMP certified facility.


1) Customer-Centered Shopping Experience

  • Incredible customer service
  • Professional and courteous customer support
  • Very happy and satisfied customers
  • Secure ordering
  • 30 day 100% Satisfaction Money Back guarantee

2) Highest Quality Products with Incomparable Integrity

  • Our probiotic, vitamin, and omega ingredients are pharmaceutical grade, sold only to physicians.
  • Herbal Ingredients come from small farmers and wild harvesters who share our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.
  • Our herbal formulas are based on in depth analytical research.
  • Our herbs are harvested and processed specifically to the medicinal requirements of each herb.
  • Manufacturing site is a FDA registered pharmaceutical drug site.
  • Every raw material and finished product undergoes rigorous testing.
  • Always Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, & Kosher.


When you get a shipment from Dr. Green Mom® you can be certain that what’s on the label is what’s inside! We test 100% of the ingredients that come in to our manufacture facility. Then we test each formulation and finished product before we ship it to ensure that it remains pure, potent, and stable. Our manufacturer’s scientists use more than a dozen different tests to evaluate ingredients and products, including:

  • FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy) – helps identify chemicals or compounds.
  • GC (gas chromatography) – measures chemical spectrum and potency, and is often used for testing essential oils.
  • HP-TLC (high performance thin layer chromatography) – identifies the genus and species of a plant.
  • HPLC (higher potency layer chromatography) – isolates chemical markers to measure the potency of a plant compound, vitamin or mineral.
  • ICP-MS (inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry) – quantifies the amount of heavy metal in a raw material or product.
  • Microbiological testing – shows the count of aerobic bacteria, yeast, mold, e-coli, staph, and salmonella in raw and finished goods.
  • Organoleptics – uses taste, color, and smell as quality markers in raw materials and finished goods.
  • Titration – measures vitamin or mineral potency.
  • UV-VIS (ultraviolet visible spectroscopy) – measures the amount of a specific compound in a plant.
  • Macroscopy –identifies the genus and species of a whole plant.
  • Microscopy – helps identify the genus and species of whole botanicals by looking at cell structure.


At Dr. Green Mom® we take pride in the quality of our products. Our children deserve only the highest quality, purest ingredients available. Our herbal ingredients come from small organic farmers and ethical wild harvesters to ensure potency and purity. We believe in our products and stand behind them 100% from start to finish.

  • FDA OTC Registered
  • NSF GMP Certified
  • KOF-K Kosher Certified
  • Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Pesticide Testing
  • Allergen Testing



  • The prevention of vaccine reactions: BMJ 2004; 328 doi:
  • Vitamin C Prevents Vaccination Side Effects; Increases Effectiveness:

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Sarah H
LOVE These!

Both my son and I take these. He loves the taste and that they are good for him! I have tried and continue to use many of your products! I am so thankful to have found you and all that you do for us parents out here! I recommend you to every parent I know and all the great products and knowledge that you provide!

Don't hesitate. Just buy it. You wont regret it!

The entire family take these daily!! Taste great and help keep us healthy all winter long!

April C
Happy Customer

Great way to get our vitamin C in. Our son enjoys the taste and reminds us he needs them daily which is great! Very happy and will be ordering again

Emily E
Great taste and perfect for the whole family

Been giving these to my 2.5 year old over the flu season months and he looks forward to his gummies every morning! I take them too and love that my breastfed infant benefits from them as well!

best products ever

Zinc, Liquid Vitamin C and Bronchial calm have been huge game chnagers in out home. I recommend these products ti everyone. There hasnt been one product I dont love here! these are a MUST HAVE

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