Genital Problems in Men

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See complete list of symptom flow charts

**The following is a general guideline from the American Medical Association. The flowchart below allows you to easily track your symptoms and come to a possible diagnosis. Be sure to consult with you doctor if you feel you have a serious medical problem.

I did not produce this chart myself, so any treatment options on this page are completely conventional.The following flowchart was reproduced with permission.

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1. Do you have any swelling or tenderness in your scrotum? Yes Go to Question 9.*
2. Do you have a yellowish or greenish discharge from the tip of your penis? Yes Your may have a SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTION orURETHRITIS, an inflammation of the urethra. See your doctor right away.
3. Do you have a burning sensation or pain with urination? Yes You may have a BLADDER INFECTION o rURETHRITIS, an inflammation of the urethra. See your doctor right away.
4. Do you have a painful, itchy rash or small red bumps, blisters or sores on your penis? Yes You may have a YEAST INFECTION,HERPES or another type of infection. Sores on the penis may also be a symptom of CANCER. See your doctor right away.
5. Do you have a painless sore on the shaft or head of your penis? Yes This may be a symptom of GENITAL WARTS, SYPHILIS, or a form of CANCER. See your doctor right away.
6. Is the entire tip of your penis tender or swollen? Yes You may have BALANITIS, an infection of the head of the penis. See your doctor. Depending on the cause of your infection, your doctor may prescribe an antifungal cream or antibiotic ointment. In some cases, antibiotic pills may be needed. Keep the area clean and dry, and avoid skin lotions, which may make the condition worse.
7. Do you have blood in your urine or semen, or pain with ejaculation? Yes You may have PROSTATITIS, an infection of the prostate gland or an infection of the seminal vesicle. See your doctor.
8. Do you have pain with sexual intercourse? Yes A number of problems can cause painful intercourse. Possible causes may include ALLERGY to a contraceptive, ANXIETY, PROSTATITIS, INFECTION or DRYNESS in the partner. Talk to your doctor about any pain you experience during sex.
*9. Is your scrotum very tender although no injury has occured to the testicle? Yes Your may have a severe form of infection, such as EPIDIDYMITIS, or TESTICULAR TORSION, a condition in which the blood supply to the testicle is cut off. EMERGENCY
See your doctor or go to the emergency room right away.
10. Do you have mild tenderness around one testicle? Yes Your symptoms may be from a less severe form of EPIDIDYMITIS. See your doctor.
11. Is there a hard, painless knot on one testicle? Yes A painless knot could be a symptom of SPERMATOCELE, a noncancerous cyst, but it could also be TESTICULAR CANCER. See your doctor. Talk to your doctor about testicular self-examinations, which may improve your chances of finding a tumor while it’s still treatable.
12. Is there a soft swelling in your scrotum on 1 or both sides? Yes Swelling along with visible, enlarged veins, usually on the left side, are symptoms of VARICOCELE. Painless swelling of 1 or both testicles may also be a sign of HYDROCELE. Your swelling may also be caused by a small cyst. See your doctor to rule out other more serious conditions. While varicocele or hydrocele are not life-threatening, surgery may be required to correct them.
13. Is there a soft swelling above your testicle that gets worse with activity, lifting or coughing? Yes This could be an INGUINAL HERNIA, a loop of the bowel that protrudes into the scrotum. See your doctor. If the hernia is small, your doctor may suggest that you watch it closely for signs of growth. If the hernia is large and painful, you may need surgery.
For more information, please talk to your doctor. If you think the problem is serious, call your doctor right away.


See complete list of symptom flow charts

This tool has been reviewed by doctors and is for general educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for medical advice. The information in this tool should not be relied upon to make decisions about your health. Always consult your family doctor with questions about your individual condition(s) and/or circumstances.

Source: American Medical Association (2008-04-21). American Medical Association Family Medical Guide (AMA Family Medical Guide) (Kindle Locations 6690-6691). Turner Publishing Co.. Kindle Edition.


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