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Vaccination is intended to protect a child from various infectious diseases by creating immunological memory — the immune system’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to previously encountered pathogens. While the day of vaccination can be a source of anxiety for both you and your child, there are effective ways you can support your child’s health and comfort through this intervention. 

This article outlines six ways you can support your child’s health during the vaccination process and offers tips on how to stay informed and find support.

How To Support Your Child’s Health On Vaccination Day

Here are six ways to support your child’s health on vaccination day.

1. Keep Your Child Hydrated

Ensuring your child stays hydrated is crucial for an optimal immune response (1). Offer a variety of hydrating fluids throughout vaccination day, including water, juice, broth, electrolyte drinks, herbal teas, and even popsicles. Keeping your child well-hydrated helps their body process and eliminate vaccine ingredients efficiently.

2. Offer Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Given that vaccines work by eliciting an inflammatory response from the body (2), choosing foods that are low in sugar and have anti-inflammatory properties can be beneficial. A warm comforting pot of chicken soup can be soothing and nutritious, making it an ideal meal for vaccination day. Not only does it hydrate, but it also provides a gentle way to support the body’s immune system without contributing to additional inflammation.

For more information about how to choose anti-inflammatory foods, see: The Basics Of Anti-Inflammatory Eating For The Whole Family

3. Prioritize Rest

The immune system does its best work when the body is at rest. If your child feels tired after receiving a vaccine, it’s important to listen to their body and allow them to rest.

A young girl holds her stuffed animal while sleeping.Clearing their schedule and avoiding strenuous activities can help the immune system function without added stress. Prioritizing good sleep may also help vaccines work most effectively (3).

For tips on how to optimize sleep for kids, see this article: Sleep Essentials For Kids

4. Prepare An Epsom Salt Bath

An Epsom salt bath can be a gentle detoxifying option and offers a moment of relaxation for your child. The addition of essential oils or bentonite clay can enhance the soothing effects, making it an ideal way to help them unwind and recover.

5. Provide Supplemental Support

Although supplementation should always be discussed with your healthcare provider, providing your child with additional nutrients and herbal support around the time of vaccination can be beneficial for their overall health.

Nutrients — like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and DHA — along with probiotics and herbs can be used to support the immune system, detoxification pathways, antioxidant networks, and inflammatory balance (4-6). These biological processes and systems are all key players in the body’s ability to successfully respond to vaccination and return to homeostasis

A complete vaccine day protocol with supplement choices and doses is available in the Dr. Green Mom VIP Group.   

6. Know When To Seek Medical Attention

While serious reactions to vaccinations are rare, it’s crucial to be vigilant and know when to seek urgent care. 

The following symptoms warrant immediate medical attention:

  1. Crying for more than 3 hours
  2. Strange crying (different from a child’s normal crying)
  3. Increased sleepiness (child won’t wake to eat)
  4. Visible change in appearance (child appears visibly weak, pale, or unwell)
  5. Hives
  6. Seizure/convulsions
  7. Swollen abdomen, vomiting, or bloody poop
  8. Fever over 102.2ºF (39ºC)
  9. Fever that lasts for more than 48 hours

Call 911 if a child is having difficulty breathing or swelling of lips, face, or tongue occurs.

Stay Informed & Find Support

Vaccination choices should be individual health decisions, but they have become politically loaded in recent years. If you aren’t able to discuss vaccinations comfortably with your immediate family and friends, you may wish to connect with online communities and resources that can offer support and advice to help you feel empowered to make informed decisions regarding your child’s health. 

Your best resource should always be a reliable healthcare provider who can help you wade through the information and opinions that you come across in your decision-making process. If you’re having trouble finding a supportive healthcare provider, check my Medical Freedom Healthcare Provider List for supportive healthcare practitioners in your area. 

You may also find these resources helpful: 


Vaccination day can be approached with a blend of preparedness and mindfulness. By focusing on hydration, nutrition, rest, and appropriate supplementation, you can help support your child’s health through vaccination and recovery. Please remember that these tips are meant to complement the advice of your healthcare provider, ensuring your child receives the best possible care for their individual needs.


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