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I’ve put together the links below to help you navigate qualifying medical exemptions when trying to decide what is best for your child regarding vaccines. I have also listed the current Covid-19 vaccine medical exemption criteria.

Medical Exemption Links

Physician’s Screening Checklist: Contraindications to Vaccines

Contraindications to Childhood Vaccines Checklist

World Health Organization: Contraindications to Vaccination

ACIP Contraindications to Vaccination 

CDC Contraindications to Vaccination 

Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine Contraindications  & Precautions

Dr. Green Mom

Dr. Mayer is a naturopathic medical doctor and an expert in nutrition and wellness as it relates to pediatrics and families. Her passion for prevention of disease as cure fueled her desire to immerse herself into specializing in adult onset chronic conditions, as well as childhood chronic illness.

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